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Leading the recognition industry with professional awards, we have beautifully designed and crafted acrylic awards. We take time to check over every single custom award so it matches our 100% workmanship guarantee (which is included on all of our personalized products) along with hand-inspection during production. We use the latest technology with laser engraving to laser in your logo or name onto the award. It really makes your logo stand out and onlookers will be impressed!

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We offer, at no charge, FREE Ground Shipping and Engraving on custom orders over $99! You can read more on our FAQs page. Customer loyalty and satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Martin.

Get Acrylic Awards for Your Next Award Ceremony

When looking for awards to recognize the efforts put by teams, companies, or individuals, you go for options that should be quality and prestige to encourage other groups to put effort to win it next. Among the award options available in the market today are acrylic awards. Acrylic awards come in a variety of plaque sizes, colors, and designs to meet your need.  We shall discuss some qualities of acrylic awards and when best to use them.

Characteristics of Acrylic Awards

Material Makeup

Acrylic awards are made of methyl methacrylate, a synthetic polymer. While the material is classified as glass, it is not essentially glass but thermoplastic. The chemical makeup differs from that of glass, which means it has different qualities when it comes to the hardness and refraction of light. This material looks and feels like glass but has a better resistance if dropped or hit with blunt force.


Acrylics is way lighter than other awards materials such as glass and crystal. The lightweight makes it more portable than any of the other materials. It also can be placed on any surface without the risk of toppling over.

Resistance to Impact

Due to the lower weight and chemical composition, the acrylic material is significantly resistant to impact that either crystal or glass. The material is durable and can handle some significant amount of abuse without getting damaged. However, you should always keep the wards in a secure place to prevent breakage from falling.

Scratch Resistance

While acrylic awards can withstand impact to a significant level, it is more susceptible to surface scratches due to friction, wear and tear. Acrylic is softer than all other materials. Therefore, it is easier to damage through fine abrasion.

Materials like crystal and glass are scratch-resistant. However, when they do get scratched, they cannot be repaired with ease. On the other hand, the malleable nature of acrylic makes it easier to polish or buff in case of a fine scratch on the surface.

Light Refraction

Light refraction is the biggest difference between crystal and acrylic awards. In crystals, the light sparkles as it goes past the material to the other side. However, this is not witnessed when light passed through glass or acrylic awards. However, this does not make both materials less beautiful when used as a plaque.

Ability to Customize

Depending on the trophy or the award, you may create various styles and shapes. Acrylic is flexible and incredibly easy to form into any shape that you wish to have for your award. You can have round, rectangular, triangular, square, flame shapes, diamond-shaped, arched and cathedral custom shapes among others.  One advantage is that it can be modeled without losing stability and remain sturdy. However, a metal or wood base is added when the shape cannot stand on its own to enhance stability.


Acrylic is one of the cheapest materials to use with your trophies and awards. It costs a fraction of crystal and is cheaper than glass while offering similar qualities to these materials, which means it offers value for money. An acrylic award can fit your budget, especially if you are running on a squeezed budget.

A Wide Choice of Colors and Designs

Your acrylic trophy, award or plaque should carry the design and colors that match your corporate image or a specific choice for the award. With acrylics, you can have any full color or front for your next award. There are also designs that incorporate different colours, others are clear acrylic and others come with inclusions such as watches or a photo of the recipient of the acrylic award.

It is time to in introduce employee recognition and awards for excellence in your company. A recognition program like awards motivate teams to improve when you honor the best. It also enables departments to become better teams and everyone to become a player in the team. Finally, this enhances the company culture, enabling the firm in question to retain more employees for longer. Acrylics is a choice material for your awards due to their qualities such as durability, malleability, weight, and material makeup.

Order Custom Acrylic Award from Martin Awards

If you wish to purchase acrylic trophies, awards, and acrylic plaques, contact Martin Awards for purchase of inquiry.  We are industry leaders and deliver all types of custom awards in your choice of design and color (full color printing available) and offer free engraving, thanks to the mastery of art and laser technology. Customers can reach us via email or call customer service for award personalization. There are discounts and various items on display on our site and you can shop in one location conveniently.

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