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Benefits Of Employee Recognition Awards

Post Date: August 25, 2021

Today we are talking about Employee Recognition Awards. The reason being is we believe these pieces of art have so many benefits it could boost your company in so many ways… In this article we will be going over the benefits and the type of Recognition Awards we recommend.


The Benefits Of Employee Recognition Awards

There are many benefits to giving your employee recognition awards rather than money. Many managers, specifically human resource managers, have to make these types of decisions and struggle with what suits their company and employees best. 

An increase in pay is nice but disappears quickly, in hand and in memory. A crystal award, plaque, or trophy lasts forever. People love adding to a collection of awards they can see on a daily basis, and it will promote them to continue this honorable dedication in their work life. 


Benefits of employee recognition awards

Employee appreciation is a fundamental human need in the workplace.

When employees feel appreciated and recognized for their individual contributions they will be more connected to their work, their team, and your organization as a whole.

Here are a few other benefits of employee recognition awards:

  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Greater employee enjoyment of work
  • Improved team culture
  • Higher loyalty
  • Higher satisfaction scores from customers
  • Increased retention of quality employees
  • Decreased tardiness of employees


And they love employee recognition awards is because it increases their status and gives them something to talk about with their friends and families. It’s the same reason people work four to six years in college. They work hard not just for that piece of paper but for what it represents and they are true champions in their field. 

So in this article, we are going to talk about how to do this and save money at the same time… Let’s begin!


Here are 7 Employee Recognition Awards we recommend:

1. Metal Tumblers

Not only have metal tumblers been in major demand because of their double wall insulation and durability, but they have also become a valued company gift that can be personalized. 


These tumblers range in size, shape, and color. These cups can have something as uniform as a company logo engraved to something as personal as a first and last name. This award is one that is very practical and will be used on a daily basis.  How to Recognize Your Employees: Polar Camel Tumblers


2. Plaques

Plaques are always a practical but high-end option. Most people have room on a wall to hang a plaque, whereas with an award, you need to find or make room on a shelf or desk to display it. 


The Elliptical Edge Plaque has rounded corners which gives it a very dynamic look. An engravable metal plate with a gold border is mounted on the front of highly polished wood. The plaque comes in several sizes and the metal plate can come in colors: black, red, and blue.


3. Clocks

Clocks are a good 2-in-1 award, similar to the tumblers previously mentioned. They can be personalized with engraving and also be functional as a clock on your desk. Some of the ones we carry are built into a plaque so you can still hang it if you prefer. Some are self standing, more so fitted for on top of a desk.

The Chicago Arch Desk Clock would definitely make an employee feel valued. This clock seems very contemporary and has a lot of shine. 


4. Diamond Awards

Diamond awards are some of our best sellers for companies and corporations. A specific recommendation would be the Crystal Diamond Award. It has an arrowhead shape accented with beveled edges with a blue pedestal base. 


5. Tower Awards

Tower awards are great for big corporations. The Clear Tower Acrylic Award looks very polished and professional. Even if you are a smaller company, reward your most practiced employee with this award, which can encourage others to work towards this same outcome for them. This employee recognition awards comes in clear, blue, and gold.


6. Star Awards

Star awards are self explanatory. You are quite obviously telling your employee that they have been your most dedicated, vibrant, and gifted worker. The Crystal Star Tower Award emphasizes just that! This award features a star shape at the top of a solid crystal pillar. It has a very elegant beveled edge and plenty of room on the front for details such as who it is for, from, and why they are receiving this award. 


7. Trophies

Unfortunately, trophies are overlooked when it comes to corporate recognition. But that’s mostly because you haven’t found the right kind for your type of professional work. We highly recommend the Rising Star Casting Trophy. It has on top an accented star with gold finish with a walnut base and black brass plate on front for the engraving.

We recommend this to the employee who is pushing through to the top with notable perseverance and dedication to their career. 


We are here for you!

On each number listed, we included one specific award. But Martin Awards has so many options of employee recognition awards for each of the seven listed. We only chose one each to share with you. 


Be sure to check out the website to find more examples. Some other products Martin Awards specializes in that may be helpful are State Shaped plaques, trophy cups, wall signs, medals, and more. 


Another award that is very popular, but not quite big enough to be one of the seven different types previously listed, is the Elegant Clear Crystal Octagon Award. The Crystal piece is octagon shaped and has facets. It is mounted atop a clear crystal base. 


On that note, we hope you enjoyed this list of our top awards for employee recognition awards!

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