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6 benefits from introducing sales awards into your company

6 benefits from introducing sales awards into your company

Post Date: July 27, 2021

If you are a company that is driven by sales representatives and teams, you want to keep reading this article. Industries such as the car industry or the sales insurance industry, for example, require to have sales representatives to represent their product or service correctly. And when the correct team players are attracted to the company, the company is rewarded greatly for the achievements that the sales Representatives have accomplished.

Encouraging your top players on the sales team, will not only help your bottom line but will also attract other premium players who can increase your revenue every single month. And we have found that the sales awards, not only benefit the above but has plenty of other benefits as well. And the ROI that comes with the social reward is humongous. 

Just to name a few benefits of sales awards include: better public relations, increased profits, and attracting better employees who, therefore, can sell your products or services. The sales award also creates a culture showing that the top of the company cares for those at the bottom. It brings the company together almost like a family.

The other companies that have no structure like this inside of it are not as successful. Companies such as Nike and Apple have talked about having a culture inside of the company for it to grow. Those two companies also do sales awards to encourage their employees to continually beat their previous records. 


Here are 6 benefits from introducing sales awards into your company:

1. Better sales

Sales awards are known to increase sales within the company, and there are many reasons why that is. But this is the top benefit of sales awards. Because in fact, it does increase revenue for your company. Anytime you reward those who bring profit to your company, it is only going to encourage them to do it more and more. So that in itself will increase your sales. The little bit of money that you spent on a sales award is exceeded greatly by the return that you receive in all the benefits listed below.


2. Better team players

Sales awards will attract better team players. When you reward the current players who are doing well, it will also create referrals because winners have friends who are winners. And therefore, it will help you on the recruiting side of things. You don’t have to rely on cold traffic for recruiting your next employees, instead, you are undoubtedly creating a referral network by treating your top employees well simply by recognizing them. This is the key to scaling your business. Employee performance will be better, and they will be glad to show up to work in hopes that one day they too will be recognized by those at the top.


#3 Better advertising

Sales awards are also known to help with better advertising. Anytime you give out Awards, you could turn this into an event and invite reporters to watch the ceremony. If you make it interesting enough and your numbers are big enough reporters may talk about it on the front page or mid-way through the newspaper. The best advertising will come from the media. The best advertising is the one you don’t pay for, that is what we have found.

Any time you’re pulling out awards to recognize the best performing employees in the company, especially high-end looking kinds like crystal or glass awards, it will bring major benefits in the advertising world. Also, this is media that you can put on your website and your blogs or even social media. It will increase the quality of your brand in the eyes of the public when they see that you reward those who work the hardest inside of your company. Lastly, this also would bring a likability to your brand from the outside looking in.


4. Huge ROI

The ROI on a sales award is huge. Anytime you reward the correct people and do that in front of the correct people, good things will happen. Anything that brings referral traffic because of the actions you take must be repeated over and over again. And when your employees are saying good things about you, that attracts more clients and better quality employees.

Doing the first three things mentioned will bring you ROI (Return On Investment). Referral traffic is priceless and the best way to trigger that kind of traffic is by rewarding those inside the company, building a good brand that people respect, and gaining media traction within your local paper.


5. Employees stay longer

There’s a new problem that is going on as we speak and that is attracting workers to work inside of the company. From restaurants to corporations, it is getting harder and harder to find quality employees who are willing to work. And there are many political reasons for this and we won’t go into that. However, it is a new challenge.

Recruiting is becoming a full-time job in itself for companies that are looking to attract quality workers. Instead of relying on recruiting companies to attract people, you could use a sales award that will peak interest within the recipient’s inner circle. This in itself could save you thousands per month, recruiting fees, by simply rewarding those who do well in treating your workers like family.


6. Better culture

Here at Martin Awards, we believe in developing a culture inside of the company making it hard to leave. If employers just show up for a paycheck and that is the only thing that connects them with the company, that company will implode eventually from the inside out. Quality workers must show up for more than just a paycheck.

They might show up because they want to be something more than just an employee. Perhaps, they want to be great at what they do and they feel like this company helps them get to become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

By building culture inside of the company, it will attract those who have alike values as the company. When a company stands for something and you attract people like that, it makes it harder for them to leave, and it makes them want to love what you stand for even more because it aligns with who they are as human beings. Sales awards bring it all together. 

The famous writer, Maya Angelou, once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” It’s hard to forget how you felt in front of all your peers and with cameras looking on when receiving a sales award for all your hard-earned achievements.

Also, the emotional investment they put into this company will make that relationship last longer, and it will breed a culture inside the company that cannot be replaced by the corporate world. This is something that is created and built slowly over time, but something sales awards can speed up quite rapidly.



Lastly, these are the questions you need to ask yourself when gathering the information you need for an award.

-When is the time frame for the award?

Ex. 2021

-Why are you giving the award?

Ex. Top Sales Rep

-Who is being recognized?

Ex. Philip Martin, Account Manager

-What kind of award is this?

Ex. Sales Circle Award


Here are some examples of word formatting:


Example #1 for Sales Awards

Emily Dean, Sales Rep

Top Seller of the Year Award

Auto Car Sales


Outstanding Sales Performance from Co-workers

Example #2 for Sales Awards

[Company Logo]

Presented to:

Emily Dean, Sales Rep

Top Seller of the Year Award


Example #3 for Sales Awards

[Company Logo]

Top Seller of the Year Award

Presented to:

Emily Dean, Sales Rep


Highest Quantity sales of the Year!


Here are other benefits that sales awards bring:

1. Show That You Recognize Hard Work

2. Offer Tangible Proof of Achievements

3. Improve Job Satisfaction

4. Recognize Individual Strengths

5. Give Workers Something to Aim For


Top Recommendations 

We hope you consider promoting your employees very soon. Below we have listed sales awards that your team would love.

Our top selling crystal awards include: diamond crystal award, ethical silver star crystal award, elegant clear crystal octagon award, and 5 raising diamonds clear crystal award

Some of our most popular glass awards include flame glass award, triangle jade glass award, luxury diamond cosmic glass award, jade round metro glass award, genuine prism optical obelisk tower crystal octagon face award, flame glass with gold base, raindrop art glass award, and blue wave glass award.


There are also several different options in plaque awards.


If you ever give out corporate gifts for Christmas or the company’s anniversary, here are a few options we recommend: the Polar Camel custom tumblers, clocks, and paperweights.


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