The Basics of Vector and Raster files

Getting your logo setup doesn’t have to be hard! But here are a few things you should know about artwork with engraving vs printing. There are different types of files for logos, and we’ll explain them here.

  • Raster File – This is a bitmap file, usually .JPG .PNG .GIF .JPEG .TIFF .EXIF – This file is used for marketing purposes, like brochures, menus, email marketing. This isn’t suitable for engraving or personalization product. Converting a Raster file to Vector file is a service Martin Awards offers at $35 for a logo. Just email us to get started!
  • Vector File – This is an advanced file, usually .EPS .SVG .AI .PDF .CDR – and is made up of lines, points, and curves. You can scale up this file to as big as you want, or as small as you want without losing ANY quality to the logo. Using a vector file logo with your order means it’s free! No additional charge when you use a vector logo with Martin Awards order!

In summary, Vector is made up of points, lines, and curves. Raster is made up of pixels.

The visual difference between Raster and Vector

Vector vs Raster

Vector can be expanded or shrunk to any size and maintain its quality. Raster (Bitmap) can not. All your camera photos are in Raster (Bitmap) because it saves it with pixels.

What kind of Logo is needed from Martin Awards orders?

  • A solid black and white vector logo file is needed for the FREE Logo setup. Such as EPS, CDR, AI, SVG files.
  • If we need to convert your logo from Raster (Bitmap) into vector, we can! It’s a service we offer for $35 one time.
  • You can then reorder from us with that same logo for FREE for a lifetime!

Is a PDF a vector file?

Sometimes. It is possible to save a vector file as a PDF file. But it’s also possible to save a bitmap raster image into a PDF which wouldn’t make it a vector file.

Benefit of using Martin Awards for Logos

While most companies will charge $50 – $150 to use your bitmap raster logo, Martin Awards offers it’s at a much lower price of $35! You can use that same logo in the future with us for FREE! The price of $35 is for standard logos. More advanced logos may require more labor to convert and move into a vector format. Email us to ask any questions!