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Personalized Patriotic Army Awards | Martin Awards

Honor the soldier and show your respect to the men and women who protect our country with incredible, personalized army awards from Martin Awards. Choose from a wide array of army trophies and memorabilia.

Show Your Respect to the Uniform

Serving one’s country is perhaps the noblest act a person can do. To defend one’s land, its citizens, and its values require bravery, courage, and determination. Show your respect to the men and women who serve in the United States army with our wide selection of high-quality army trophies, personalized and shipped from the US.

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Find the Perfect Army Trophy Right Here

We stock a wide range of army trophies and awards, suitable for all branches of the US army, including:

  • US Army awards
  • US Air Force awards
  • Marines awards
  • Navy awards
  • National Guard awards
  • Space Force awards

Our trophies include beautifully designed bronze trophies depicting soldiers in a range of poses, including standing with rifle drawn, standing patrol with rifle, kneeling with rifle aimed, and more. Best of all, you can personalize these trophies with free engraving on the plate.

We also offer a range of other trophies and memorabilia, including flag pins, crystal eagle awards, plaques, and Army Polar Camel Tumblers.

We offer free ground shipping to the 48 states depending on the order amount and doesn’t apply to rush orders. This is offered for orders placed online. To view the requirements for Free shipping (EXCLUSIONS APPLY), please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Honor the Men and Women of the US Army

To show your respect to the brave men and women of the US army, you will find the best army awards at Martin Awards.