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Custom Corporate Awards And Trophies

One of the best ways to show appreciation for an individual’s achievements and increase company morale is to provide awards directly to people who do great work for you! Offering corporate awards and trophies to your employees will help them see that you value their hard work. It also helps your customers see the quality of work you provide and expect out of those you employ.

How To Give Out Corporate Recognition Awards

Determining what kind of award ceremony you want depends on the employee and the information you want to present in your executive awards. Because you can involve the public in the recognition of work, you will prioritize some aspects over others in your award ceremony. Some things you can award with a written announcement and a private award, but some types let you build excitement with a full ceremony!

Private Events

It is more logical for an employee of the month to have a company announcement, a personal congratulations and presentation of the award, and an acrylic plaque or sign in the employee area or behind a work counter. Because this is a monthly award, having a big celebration for each event can become expensive and even tedious for those who aren’t being celebrated, so a smaller, more private acknowledgment is best.


For aspects like farewells to long-term team members, having an informal celebration for the individual team or department shows the most personal appreciation. High goals in a quarter or overall achievements can also be addressed this way, with awards to ranking individuals and time to celebrate for everyone else.

Having corporate gifts for individuals that have proved themselves throughout their careers with you helps you build loyalty with your current employees. Employees that feel recognized are likely to recommend your organization and make you a sought after company to work for!

Individuals are also likely to stay connected after they leave, providing free advertising to potential employees or customers who can see how you value quality work. Clients will want to hear about how you treat employees and if you are manage and are proud of the work you provide!


For larger events, such as having the highest yearly productivity, having a record amount of work completed, or exceeding company goals, having a company retreat or a formal, big-name event can be appropriate. With these, you can also take the opportunity to give out the more intricate and detailed awards themselves!

Public Awards

Including the public and your customers as you give corporate recognition awards can be a great way to improve the public view of your company. Including notable achievements in newsletters or on workplace walls can show that you appreciate your workforce, but it also displays the productivity and good work that your company can provide.

Having a large public celebration when awarding individuals for company-changing efforts, ideas, or changes can also be important. Using full color trophies are specifically good for public awards! Both for current shareholders to see what aspects are coming together and for prospective investors to determine your company’s quality, this can influence them to appreciate the hard work they can see your associates provide.

What To Award

Knowing what to recognize with corporate awards seems like it can be simple, but there are many different departments within your company to appreciate.

Employee Of The Month

One of the easiest ways to make an award is to recognize quality people in your corporation. Noticing employees’ work ethics and quality of work is a good place to start with this. Having an employee of the month for individual departments can show others the work that you’re looking for as well as boost morale about working for you!

Quantitative Goals

Although you don’t want everything to become a numbers game, celebrating the achievements of employees who provide the most quantitatively to your customers is a good area to focus on. Acknowledging increases in productivity this way, especially after having a competition or a change in the workplace!


Aspects that directly make a lot of money for the company are always good items to reward. Having recognition for the type of work you want to see and for the direct profit of your company makes your employees more appreciative of your desire for them to work hard.

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