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Adding a Classy Touch to any Ceremony with Glass Awards

Post Date: August 22, 2017

Adding a Classy Touch to any Ceremony with Glass Awards

Want to give someone an award, but just don’t know how to do it?

Good for you! Rewards can be hugely motivating to recipients, and can make employees feel valued.

If you’re worried about choosing the right award, don’t panic! We’re here to look at how glass awards give a classy touch to any reward ceremony.

Why Offer a Trophy?

There’s something about a trophy that says more than words ever could.

A trophy offers a physical reminder of achievement. It also shows that the person offering the reward is serious about the gift. It’s easy to pat someone on the back, but choosing, purchasing, and gifting a reward shows true commitment.

Trophies can be hugely inspirational to recipients. They can be motivating for employees. Or they can honor a watershed moment in a creative or charitable career.

A trophy also lasts. A recipient of a trophy can look back on it even many years later and be reminded of their hard work.

But why a glass trophy, in particular? Let’s find out!

More Prestige, Less Expense

Glass and crystal awards both have a very dignified look to them. But crystal awards can be an expensive option.

You might be working with a limited budget. Maybe you’re running a non-profit competition or a company rewarding small achievements. Either way, glass can be an excellent alternative to crystal.

Glass doesn’t capture and refract light in the same way as crystal. But it does carry the same stateliness and class. And even inexpensive glass trophies won’t be seen as cheap by the recipients.

In short, glass does a great job of looking more expensive than it is!

Do you want to give an award, but are afraid of underselling the achievement with a cheap trophy? If so, then glass is a great middle-ground.

Sleek and Modern

From modern high-rises to company signage, we’ve become accustomed to seeing glass as a symbol of modernity.

A more traditional brass or silver trophy might feel dated and old-world in the wrong setting. But glass is timeless. It avoids the problem of looking pretentious if used incorrectly.

This also makes glass awards a perfect fit for corporate culture.

If you want to reward an employee for long service or innovation, then glass can be the ideal material. It blends right in with most company aesthetics.

Plus, in a culture where more showy materials might be saved for long service awards, glass is a classy but neutral option.

They’re Fun

Cups and plaques are great gifts for serious and stately awards.

But they can struggle to break away from that tone. They also tend to follow the same basic shape.

But glass awards have almost infinite variety.

Glass can say things that other trophies can’t. It’s also a great chance to tie the shape of the trophy in with the nature of the award.

Not sure what we mean? Here are a few examples:

Corporate Class

Glass can say corporate and classy just as well as other plaques and cups. But it can do it in a unique way.

For a professional look, go with a rectangle or circle with full engraving. You could also try a mounted glass plaque on a backing color of your choice.


Want to reward someone for forward-thinking or innovation?

Try something cutting-edge!

A diamond shape, flame shape, or irregular edge can all suggest unique thinking and ideas from outside the box.

With a Twist

But what if you’re giving a reward for a people-focused achievement, like artistic achievement or inspiration?

That’s where things can get really fun! Try something with a more blown-glass look, like a sail motif, helix twist, or rain drop! The choices here are endless, but you can really suggest individuality and creativity with the right option.

They’re Not All Transparent

Easy to forget, isn’t it?

When you think ‘glass award’, you can fall into the trap of thinking that they’re all transparent.

But the truth is, the color of glass awards can be incredibly varied. Let’s take a look at a few ways to add color to a glass sculpture:

Blown Glass

Blown glass is known for its unique and organic shapes. But it’s also a way of achieving fascinating color patterns in glass.

Blown glass allows one color to flow into the next, like a flame captured in time.

Using Borders

Another way to achieve multiple colors in a glass trophy is with a border. This can go either way, from a colored center with a transparent border to vice versa. This is a great way to give a glass award a little unique flair while keeping to a classy look.

Mounted Plaques

Transparent plaques are a very flexible way of offering glass awards.

They provide ample space for engraving. And when it comes to color, the only limit is the color of the backing plate. This is the perfect way to achieve a corporate look with a glass award. Not only does a plaque look formal, but you can feature your company colors on the backing.

Ease of Engraving

Glass awards offer great opportunities for personalization.

Some glass awards might have a traditional base. That makes them just as customizable as other awards. But where it gets really interesting is when the glass itself is engraved.

We’ve mentioned that awards can be in a range of distinctive shapes. That means that the engraved surface can also be a lot larger and more flexible than other types of award.

If you want to include a message that isn’t as limited by word count, then a glass award could be the way to go.

Glass Awards Show You Care

We hope we’ve covered why glass awards could be the right choice for you.

But it goes a bit further than that. The huge range of options available for glass trophies can really show you’ve put some care into choosing just the right trophy for your reward.

For more smart ways to use trophies, be sure to follow our blog and learn more about us.

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