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All About Military Trophies

All About Military Trophies

Post Date: July 12, 2021

Military trophies and awards are given to those who have served our country. Many people take pride in recognizing our veterans or families of the veterans within their company or organization.

Families and companies will want to give to these people who have served the nation whether it be in the Army, US, Air Force, Marines, Navy National Guard, or even Space Force.

When done publicly, it also brings positive press to your company due to honoring those who deserve it. This is one of the greatest ways to share your appreciation and recognize those who serve/served our great country here in the United States.

The issue is not feeling as if you should recognize a veteran, to most the answer is easily, “Of course!” The struggle most people have is knowing what is appropriate to give a veteran for their service.

In this article we will show you the many types of awards you can use to, in fact, make that special loved one feel amazing for the sacrifices they gave for our freedoms.

Examples of Types of Awards

There are many types of awards you can give out such as:
Lapel Pins
Crystal Awards
Cast Bronze

If you are still unsure in this article of which award you should get for that special veteran in your life, then, we will give a few examples of specific awards we recommend in certain situations.

Let’s say, you just want to recognize a particular veteran just because you really care for them but you still want it to be more casual and practical. The best gift (in this situation) you can give is the type of gift that they use every single day. That way they remember the person who gave them this award.

So in this example, we recommend giving him/her a polar camel tumbler. There are several different sizes of these which you can get. If they like to bring lots of cold drinks such as soda or tea, they may like the 20 oz or 30 oz traditional tumblers. If they really like water or sports drinks, we now carry 32 oz water bottle tumblers. And if they can’t make it without their beloved coffee each morning, the 15 oz coffee cup styled tumbler with a handle and slider lid (to keep the hot liquid from spilling) may be the perfect option.

Another great thing about a tumbler is, you can have their name engraved on the front along with the military ranking that they served in. You can include anything on the tumbler such as the amount of years served and which branch of military they were in (such as the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy National Guard, or Space Force) or any other details related to their role during their duty.

In a different situation, perhaps you would like to put on an event and want many people to know of the veteran’s service. Possibly, you would like multitudes to know, or maybe even the press to know how proud you are of this veteran. In this event, we would recommend a formal award such as the Crystal Eagle Tower Award or even the 10-inch American flag on a resin trophy. You can also reward them with a plaque and those do just as well and can be hung on the wall. Whereas, the crystal award will sit nicely on a shelf or atop their personal desk.

Lastly, let’s imagine that you’re buying this for yourself and you don’t want to make a big deal about it. But yet, you would like the people who you have physical contact with throughout the day to be aware that you serve or have served in the military. Then, we also recommend the American flag lapel pins for a more general acknowledgement from others that you served or you can even choose a more specific pin. You can choose a lapel pin that shows which military branch you are/were a part of such as the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, or space force.

We can produce lapel pins specifically for those branches to help recognize you as well. There is something for every veteran in any type of situation here at Martin Awards. If you need help in choosing the right award or need just a bit of guidance, please call us. We have been recognizing veterans for almost three decades, and we gladly support our military as a company. In whichever award you choose, you will always receive a proof of any logo and/or names/words on your order. We will await your approval of the proof before we go forward in making your award because we take pride in getting all details correct but especially our beloved veterans.

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