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Crystal Awards is the New Corporate Choice

Crystal Awards is the New Corporate Choice

Post Date: October 01, 2015

Crystal Awards

Remember the good ole days when companies wanted to recognize their stellar employee at the end of the year? The gift usually consisted of an attractive wooden, wall-hanging plaque. While these awards are still a great choice, many people have looked for something a bit different. Something that not only recognizes the recipient, but also reflects the classy choices of the company. So, what choices are available? Many corporate clients as well as individuals are turning more to crystal awards.

Why Crystal Awards

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “What makes crystal the corporate choice?” I’m glad you asked. Crystal is actually less expensive than most people think. While acrylics, glass and crystal all look very similar, crystal is much clearer and reflects light spectrums with brilliant sparkle.

  • Acrylic is actually molded plastic, while crystal is composed of the clearest of glass.
  • Crystal weighs more than acrylic which gives the perception of more quality.
  • Crystal also comes in a huge selection of styles.

So you have a variety of choices. Everything from globes to golf, stars to sports. They come in all shapes and sizes. Allow me to share with you how Martin Awards can help you choose which crystal may be right for your needs.

5 Rising Diamond Award

About Crystal Awards from Martin

Martin Awards sells genuine crystal awards that beam with brilliance. Most of our corporate customers have turned to crystal for their employee, retirement and recognition awards. They have reported being very pleased with the high quality look, feel and the very comparable price. I think all people are watching their budget money so they want the most bang for their buck. Our crystal is made of optical prism glass which reflects stunning color with even the smallest of light; way better than the standard glass and obviously more than acrylic. With its amazingly clean and clear appearance, it pops beauty and style. So for your next event, consider crystal and see the difference.
Below are some suggestions of award styles and events you may wish to recognize.

Some examples of our crystal awards are:

  1. Globe awards
  2. Golf awards
  3. Star themed awards
  4. Obelisk awards
  5. Flame awards
  6. Tower awards
  7. Crystal trophy awards
  8. Ornament crystals
  9. Eagle Crystal Awards
  10. And so many more.


  1. What should you recognize?
  2. Employee accomplishments
  3. Retirement
  4. Corporate Recognitions
  5. High achievers
  6. Humanitarian recognition
  7. Job Promotions
  8. Or any other reason

About Martin Awards / Why Choose Us?

Martin Awards has been in the Recognition industry for over 23 years, starting in 1993.

We have the best A+ Rating with BBB since 2003!

We stand behind every single award we send out, offering only the best experience from our company!

A+ Rating with BBB for Martin Awards

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