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Employees want something more than money

Employee Awards are worth More Than Money

Post Date: November 28, 2014

We will explain in this article Employee Awards are worth way more than money your company can give. For a business, the most important thing is the customer and how they’re treated. This one thing determines the life/death of any company. Guess who determines the treatment of your customer? Your employees. Without employees who love their job, your customers won’t be sticking around. When you treat the employee harsh, it’s like treating the customer harshly.


Customer service depends on the one supplying the service. What makes that employee stay even when that customer isn’t happy? What makes that employee go the extra mile for the customer when you’re not looking? It’s about having purpose and feeling needed.

Employee Awards worth more than money

If the employee doesn’t want to stay, why would the customer?

The status of the employee will affect their (the customer’s) buying habits, and it will affect your profits. Many companies excuse the lack of connection building with their own employees for in exchange of compensation and salary. According to Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur, the most thing isn’t money to begin with: It’s purpose. People want to feel needed, and by feeding that, it could mean the destiny of your business.

 Employee Awards

So how do you give the employee purpose?

  1. Always express your mission
  2. Show them how they can contribute to this mission
  3. Reward them when they give you great results and beyond
  4. Keep the relationship healthy
  5. Listen to their suggestions


According to Entrepreneur Inc., recognition is the greatest way to reward an employee’s efforts.


Recognition means acknowledging someone before their peers for specific accomplishments achieved, actions taken or attitudes exemplified through their behavior. Appreciation, meanwhile, centers on expressing gratitude to someone for his or her actions. Showing appreciation to your employees by acknowledging excellent performance and the kind of behavior you want to encourage is best done through simple expressions and statements. For example, you might send a personal note or stop by the employee’s desk to convey your appreciation. Another approach is to combine recognition and appreciation in the form of a public statement of thanks in front of the employee’s co-workers or team, citing specific examples of what they’ve done that has positively impacted the organization.” -Entrepreneur


Creating a recognition program is not only a must but very rewarding. A company with long lasting employees shows stability, dependability, and flexibility. Which means everything to that customer.


You do this by giving that employee a purpose and a vision. Their performance will be much better, and your profits will increase. People will be attracted to your company and soon the “vortex” will only become stronger. Form an alliance around this, and you will never have to sell again.

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