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Motivate your employees with corporate awards

Motivate your employees with Corporate Awards

Post Date: March 03, 2016

Motivate your employees with corporate awards

Why use Corporate Awards to motivate your employees

Before we get into ‘how to use Corporate awards’, let’s first investigate the reason you should use them. Keeping your employees at the highest reproductive rate can be a hard thing to do. When customers look for a business, they have to consider the customer service they will receive. It can really harm your company and your company’s image if your customer service and employees aren’t of the highest quality. Think about it this way, what store do you dread to shop at? Now ask yourself why? I’d guess 90% of you would have a problem with that store’s customer service in some fashion. This is why keeping your employees happy by recognising them is a must for any sucessful business.

Why is this vital?

Every employee, no matter the occupation, is recognition hungry! And by feeding their hunger of recognition,  you are essentially tapping to the best way to motivate them and bring forward their hidden talents. We’ve seen it time and time again over the years. There have even been studies conducted that prove that

“employees who are rewarded for going that extra mile are more productive and fulfilled, show greater loyalty and are eager to contribute to the organization in an impactful and meaningful way.”

Your company is missing out on profits and efficiency by not recognizing your employees with corporate awards. It’s only one part of the equation to get the best out of your employee, but still a vital part of it.


We're a team! But you're still you!

It is essential to make all your employees feel like a team, but you need not forget they are all individuals. It is a good policy to have goals for your teams, but everyone needs to be honored for their achievements. By doing this, you are placing a thought of anticipation in each of their minds, “If I go the extra mile, I’ll be recognized by my co-workers, and even the people above me!”

Bringing a positive outlook on going the extra mile should be an ongoing project for your company!



Recognition is important but rewards are too!

Telling someone “You did a great job!” only has a limited effect, as well as only lasts a short period of time. Praise is important, but it’s limited with time of effectiveness. At some point in your business you will have to dig into your pockets and invest your money into your words and give some physical object (a reward) to acknowledge your employee.

Remember, it’s still important to praise your employees with your words! This motivates them; but if no reward comes after the praise of their extra effort for “going the extra mile” your employees will lose the enthusiasm you’ve work hard to gain.

Rewards come in all shapes and sizes, from a medal of honor, to a huge trophy cup. A gift card, to a salary bonus. But notice how some are tangible and the others intangible. Both are effective rewards, but again have different time limits on the effectiveness. Intangible rewards can be just as effective as tangible ones, and even cost the company less out of their budget. Taking all the employees on a business trip to a fine dining restaurant. Or paying for a trip to vacation spot. All are rewards for their hard work.

Another type of rewards are tangible ones, such as corporate awards, Plaque awards, and Crystal Awards. You’ve seen them before at almost every business you walk into. You see “Employee of the Month” on the wall, recognizing an employee every month for their “extra-ordinary” work.  If your company doesn’t have an award program like that, then you truly are missing out on an opportunity you need to take advantage of!

The benefit of tangible rewards over intangible ones, are the fact they can sit on a shelf, desk, or hang on a wall for years to come. Every time the employee sees it, it installs value in their work, a sense of confidence.  And every time another employee it sees it, it creates competition to try harder and “go that extra mile” we’ve been talking about. It’s a total win-win situation.

Starting a Corporate Awards Program

Here at Martin Awards, we love to be a gear in the machine of recognition! We’ve been helping customers recognise people for over 23 years, and we’ll keep on doing what we love!

We believe in our service, and the customer. If you currently don’t have an award program for your company, Please call us and we’ll have an award specialist help you start one!

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