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How to Recognize Your Employees: Polar Camel Tumblers

Post Date: April 19, 2021


Perhaps you’ve seen our Polar Camel Tumblers before, and you’ve debated with yourself on whether or not you should do it, and weighing out every argument. In this article, I would like to give your brain a rest and let you read for yourself, why you should purchase our Polar Camel tumblers to recognize your employees.

Polar Camel Tumbler

Imagine this with me…

You’re late for work. You woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re scrambling around your house, swerving on two wheels (most likely wearing your comfiest socks), trying to button up your shirt while blow-drying your hair with a blow dryer propped up on the towel rack after taking a five-minute shower. After getting to the kitchen, you pour yourself a cup of coffee in a disposable cup. You’re finally on your way to work. You sit down at your computer after a stressful commute, featuring belligerent pedestrians and hardly any motorists who drive between speeding like a newbie or as if they’re on a Sunday drive at eighty-two. You sink into your computer chair, sigh dramatically, and take a sip of coffee. A mistake- you are met with disappointment. Though it was your faithful passenger during your commute, sitting and rattling along in its cup holder, it has turned for the worst- cold. With a feeling of betrayal, you pour your coffee out and crush the cup.

Have you ever been there before? Even though a cup of coffee is such a small aspect in our multifaceted lives, when you are stressed out and everything seems so large and overwhelming, even the smallest needle feels like a sword when it betrays you.

If you’re a manager or a boss, perhaps you have seen the aftermath of your employee dealing with this, though it may have been humorous watching from the sidelines. Perhaps if you put yourself in their shoes, you may understand why it feels like the whole day has been ruined, just because of a sip of cooled coffee.

Spotlight: Polar Camel Tumblers

Polar Camel Water Bottle compared to 30 oz cup
Polar Camel Water Bottle compared to 30 oz cup

Here at Martin Awards, we have all sorts of products you can use to recognize your employees.

Plaques, glass awards, crystal awards, paperweights, mugs- you name it, we have it and more likely than not, we can engrave into or on it! However, in this post, we have a specific product we’re going to spotlight- our Polar Camel tumblers. 


Happy Employees, Happy Company

In most corporations, there are two mottos. The first one is well known and quoted often: “The customer is always right.” The second one isn’t quite so notorious, however: “Happy employees, happy company.”

Studies find that when employees are happy and appreciated, they perform well and actually financially benefit the company they perform for. There are many ways to appreciate employees. On the top of the list is a pay-raise. Below that, would be setting up an employee recognition program.

Employee of the month plaques, presenting crystal awards to retirees, having various awards ceremonies, are all good ways of recognizing employees. And if you want to go down the traditional route, they’re wonderful. But here’s a flaw- they’re useless.  At the moment, they’re so grateful for their award, that you took the time, money, and effort to recognize them.

But when they get home and set it on a bookcase or on their desk or someplace- then what?

It just becomes a knick-knack that collects dust at that point.

But what about something a bit more useful and practical? 


Why should I buy tumblers from you?

In short, our customer service is hard-pressed to beat. We have certified award specialists on hand at all times to ensure the best experience, and we reply to emails and phone calls promptly.
However, all of our products are superb, as well. We offer only the best quality products to our customers. But why do our Polar Camel insulated tumblers outshine them all?


Benefits of buying our Polar Camel Tumblers

  • Our Polar Camel insulated tumblers come in an array of colors- perfect to display your corporation’s colors!
  • The Polar Camel tumblers can keep your beverages hot for eight hours, or they can keep them cold for twenty-four hours. 
  • We can engrave your corporation’s logo into the tumbler. Your employee will basically be advertising for you, on and off of the clock! 
  • Give your employees a sense of identity by adding their names. They’re more than just your corporation’s employees- they’re themselves!
  • You’ll be encouraging healthy habits- keeping hydrated. Studies show that women need 2.7 liters of water a day and that men need 3.7 liters a day.
  • These Polar Camel tumblers can last a lifetime because of the stainless steel they’re made of.
  • Regardless of whether you drink a small amount or a large amount at the time, we’ve got you covered- our tumblers come in an array of sizes. These tumblers range from 10 ounces to 30 ounces and come in different shapes. 
  • Buying reusable cups is more eco-friendly than buying a new bottle of water or cup of coffee every day. It can also save your employees a few dollars.


In Summary…

If you want to recognize your employee, celebrate healthy habits, and boost company morale, these Polar Camel tumblers would be right up your alley! Be a thoughtful employer, and do your best to see that your employees are in the best headspace possible.
Remember the earlier slogan: Happy employees, happy company.
The more pressure there is on your employees, the more pressure there is on you. Do your best to keep them healthy and happy.

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