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Polar Camel vs Yeti – Product Comparison

Post Date: May 06, 2021

Today we are going over the hottest tumblers in the market: Polar Camel and Yeti. We will break down the benefits down to each one, so then you can decide which direction to go. In this article, we’re bringing the heat as we break down the giants in the tumbler market. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make a sound decision on which to buy for yourself or for someone you love. 

Let’s dive into how this market was born.


The Yeti Story

Yeti was founded in 2006 and its headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. The founders are Roy & Ryan Seiders and the company is worth nearly a billion dollars. The Seider brothers founded the company after they had heard complaints by hunters or fishermen.

These outdoorsmen wanted a better solution when it came to keeping their drinks cool. They were tired of hunting and fishing to come to the truck and find lukewarm drinks. After a hot day, you want something icy cold. The current coolers weren’t able to stand the heat and ice simply melted after a few hours. They wanted something that kept everything cold for hours or even days. 

So that’s how Yeti was born.

They later created other products, including their Yeti tumbler. It would start a trend that is still going today.

The Yeti Tumbler has many versions, but they all have that double wall vacuum installation. Made of stainless steel, the Yeti cups are known for its durability and its ability to maintain the heat or the coolness of the drink for hours. However, how do they compare with the Polar Camel? Let’s continue with our Polar Camel vs Yeti comparison.


How long do tumblers last when it comes to temperature?

That’s why people love the Tumbler. If you’re drinking coffee, it will keep it hot for a long time. If you’re drinking soda, it will keep it nice and cold. It will have that same great taste and prevent the ice from melting, giving that watered-down taste.

They say the tumbler can, on average hold ice cold for 12-24 hours. What makes it last longer is the size of the cup and the amount of ice inside.

Yeti prices are at $34.95 each for their standard tumblers. Engraving for Yeti comes at additional cost, average $10 per cup.

Polar camel vs yetiPolar Camel Vs Yeti

Then you have Polar Camel, the direct competition of Yeti. There isn’t much information on the company itself. But, we do have information on their products!

We find their prices are 1/3 the cost of Yeti in most situations, but you have to order in bulk. This is perfect to promote your company or brand! Or to recognize your employees! Read our in depth article about How to Recognize Your Employees: Polar Camel Tumblers


Here are the prices directly from the Yeti:

  • Rambler 10 Oz Lowball With Magslider Lid For $19.99
  • Rambler 16 Oz Stackable Pint With Magslider Lid For $24.99
  • Rambler 26 Oz Stackable Cup With Straw Lid For $29.99
  • Rambler 20 Oz Tumbler With Magslider Lid For $29.99
  • Rambler 30 Oz Tumbler With Magslider Lid For $34.95


Here are the prices with Polar Camel at Martin Awards:

The more you buy of the Polar Camel, the cheaper it gets and it can get down to almost half if you buy in bulk. For example, a 20 Oz Yeti is $30, but a Polar Camel is $19.75 when you buy three (and comes with engraving). Polar Camel gives you incentive to buy where Yeti doesn’t. Perfect for business promotional items!


Is Polar camel as good as Yeti?

When compared to the Yeti Tumbler, a similar-sized Polar Camel will hold ice equally as long. Both hold ice for hours and also keep drinks hot for hours. Polar Camels are cheaper with engraving options, whereas Yeti tumblers are higher priced but have a better warranty.


What is the performance of Polar Camel?

As far as the performance compared to Yeti, many have run tests on the two brands to compare. They would put the same amount of ice inside the two different tumblers and then they would leave the cups outside for 12 hours or so. 

Once they poured the cups out to measure the ice, and water amounts, they found the two brands performed about the same. Yeti would usually have a slight edge, but not by much.


So what is the conclusion?

People who use to buy Yeti was because they loved the brand and the trends it has started. The outdoorsman loves their tumblers, there is no doubt. People love having a good time and they want to do it in style. If that’s you, then Polar Camel is your brand. 

People buy Polar Camel because of the value. They want more, for less money. They also want the ability to engrave on them and the ability to customize. If that’s you, then Polar Camel is your brand. Polar Camel has given companies like ours the freedom to engrave and to say whatever we want to. Yeti, at this time doesn’t allow this. So if you’re looking to engrave on the cup for a special someone, then the Polar Camel is for you.

So if you want to fit in the social club, polar camel is the way to go!

If you want a tumbler just based on performance and for the best price, go with Polar Camel.


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