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Tips On Choosing Corporate Trophies

Post Date: October 12, 2017

Taking time to pick the best trophies and awards for your employees is important. Read here to get some tips on choosing corporate trophies.

At a roadblock with choosing the perfect corporate award?

Corporate awards can be a fantastic way to acknowledge members of your team or company.

They help create a healthy work environment that supports quality work ethic and collaboration.

With some time and careful planning, it’s possible to choose corporate trophies that are professional and memorable, whatever the occasion.

Read on to learn more about how to pick the best awards for any corporate situation, whether you’re wanting to recognize an employee or acknowledge a retiree.

1. Determine What Corporate Trophies Mean to Your Business

It’s important to walk the right line when it comes to recognizing employee achievements at your company.

You want the awards you give to mean something, but you don’t want to give out so many that they lose their purpose and meaning.

Before you go about choosing corporate trophies for your company or employees, take some time to think about how they work into your business model and scope.

Studies show that employee recognition goes a long way towards higher employee retention and satisfaction. First, figure out how you are positively recognizing employee achievements currently, along with specifying what your company considers an achievement.

Next, think about what award system or program you have in play now. Do you recognize certain employees via company-wide emails? Have celebratory gatherings? Distribute bonuses?

Based off of your assessments, determine how trophies can fit into your overall plan for employee recognition.

2. Choose Awards with a Specific Purpose

When you recognize an employee, you want to do so for a specific purpose.

Maybe an employee is retiring. Perhaps a staff member met a certain sales goal no prior employee has met.

Whatever the occasion, make sure there’s a specific purpose behind your public acknowledgment. This will be helpful when it comes to any engraving you decide to do with the trophy or plaque.

It will also help you give the appropriate award. For example, you’ll want to acknowledge larger achievements with a trophy or award that visually represents this, such as a cast bronze or art glass trophy.

You’ll want to recognize smaller achievements with smaller–but still professional–awards.

3. Decide Between Gift Awards and Display Awards

Corporate trophies come in all shapes and styles. They can go on desks or walls. You can even design pens, custom pins, and lamps.

Once you’ve decided on the specific purpose of your corporate trophies, decide whether or not you’d like to gift these to your awardees or display them in the office.

Gift awards enable an employee to take a special momentum of their hard work home, while display awards are visible to other employees as a constant reminder of that awardee’s accomplishment.

Display awards are appropriate for situations where you want the awardee to be consistently recognized.

4. Don’t Go the Cheap Route

No matter what the purpose of the award, a trophy is a special item that can commemorate achievements of all kinds.

When choosing your corporate trophies, it’s important to invest in high-quality awards crafted from beautiful and long-lasting material.

Make sure that you purchase your awards from a professional and experienced company like Martina Awards.

Inspect the types of materials the company uses to create its trophies. A company that uses materials like crystal, marble, and bronze is likely invested in producing high-quality products.

Keep in mind that corporate trophies made of glass or stone will have a longer lifespan than those made of plastic or cheap wood. If you are getting a plaque engraved, choose a metal that is sturdy rather than flimsy.

Also, if you are choosing a trophy to display on the wall, make sure that the hanging hardware is solid and able to hold the weight of the plaque or crystal.

Ask if you are unsure about the quality of anything. You don’t want that retirement plaque falling apart after one year or even one month!

5. Be Genuine

Giving out corporate trophies is in itself an act of sincerity because in doing so, you’re acknowledging accomplishments within your company.

Make the whole process even more genuine by getting your awards personally engraved and custom-designed to suit the particular achievement. You may also consider adding a personal message on the back of a plaque or front of a crystal trophy.

Choose a corporate award company that gives you the option of personalization.

Customized awards will send a clear message to your employees or team members that you are invested in their success and eager to recognize hard work.

6. Keep Future Awards in Mind

Once you give out a corporate award, that’s likely not the end of the road. If you haven’t considered future awards at this point, do so now.

Think about whether or not you want to have an annual or monthly award for the one you’ve just given. For example, perhaps you’ve recognized an employee of the year for 2017. Recognizing an employee of the year for 2018 and 2019 will demonstrate a commitment to your employees and your company priorities.

Just because you’ve already identified what determines employee achievement at your company doesn’t mean those are the only accomplishments possible. Keep brainstorming ways to recognize your team members with future awards.

Choosing Corporate Trophies

Finding the perfect award to recognize a certain staff member or company doesn’t have to feel impossible.

Before you make your purchase, think about what an award system means to your company or work community. Building off of this, choose awards that directly acknowledge specific accomplishments so that the company’s goals are clear.

When designing your corporate award or trophy, decide whether you want to gift the awardee with a plaque or trophy or hang a display in the office or prominent location. Invest in high-quality awards, and personalize your chosen trophy so that it is sincere.

At Martin Awards, we know exactly what goes into the perfect corporate trophy. No matter who or what you want to recognize, we offer custom designed crystal awards, perpetual award plaques, and other trophies made from a variety of artisanal materials.

Let us know what we can do to help you choose your next corporate award.

Or start by browsing our full corporate trophies selection today!

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