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Top 10 Reasons Why People Give Awards

Top 10 Reasons Why People Give Awards

Post Date: February 09, 2015

Many are searching for something that could increase productivity and profits without killing the ad budget. Something they can do within to bring complete unity and get more profit per hour. The solution? Well besides bonuses, awards can really help out alot.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Give Awards

The Oscar awards have been known to bring amazing press release along with the Grammys and etc. Why? People love to be awarded. Think about it. All the winners will tell everyone about the occasion. Their family will talk about it, and the friends will too. Before you know it, the whole room is filled with people. Just waiting for their friend/family to be rewarded. So the award is definitely known to bring attraction.

What are other reasons to give awards? Let’s list those while we’re at it.

The top 10 reasons why people give awards

1. Get an increase in productivity. You could see an increase of productivity simply because the worker know has a visible goal besides a pay check.
2. It can increase internal competitiveness. People want respect and want to feel like they worked for it. To achieve something and make it happen you should give awards. It’s why sports do so well in our country. People simply want to win.
3. Saves money in salaries. It has been stated on major business sites that people desire respect and recognition above higher wages. What’s money if you hate the job?
4. Workers feel more important. To feel like you earned respect is great achievement, and to feel appreciation in the atmosphere can be a driving force among the workers.
5. Delivers focus to your goal for the company. By stating what the goals are and what happens when they accomplish that goal. It could mean more goals being achieved. Without vision the people perish.
6. Brings small talk about your company. By gearing the company towards an event, people naturally talk. By giving them something to talk about, it could mean press for your company. Who else makes a big deal about their workers in your city? Probably not many. By making this an event, it could mean more buzz for you.
7. Gives you a reason to be in the paper. Why stir up more noise by advertising it. It’s priceless and could mean business down the road, just by giving awards.
8. It could mean less people quitting. By giving the people what they want. Why would they leave? They wont’. That could mean saving money with experience your workers already have. It doesn’t look good either when a company can’t keep the same people.
9. Brings honor from the public eye. By recognizing that mother, brother, uncle, or grandparent it will do something amazing. You will look good to the people. People will love you because you see something they see. And that’s a good person within your worker.
10. Get natural press release from both public and workers. So by combining both advertisements, and the word of mouth, you could generate a lot of buzz around your award event. Which means money could never pay what you did naturally with an award presentation.

The cost of the you giving awards is definitely worth what you’re paying when you consider the benefits. Who can put a price on focus or amazing press? You can’t. But the most important thing is this. Let that worker know you care. Sure, the benefits work in your favor. But when people know you care, that can go a long ways too.

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