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Top 8 Reasons Why Name Badges Are Important

Top 8 Reasons Why Name Badges Are Important

Post Date: March 23, 2015

Name badges are very small and can sometimes seem to be a waste of money. When you have 10+ employees it could seem a little crazy to spend that much on just someone’s name. But in today’s article, we’re here to explain why name badges are important. Not only do they help with customer service, it could mean sales.

Why Name Badges Are Important

Here’s a list of reasons why we say Name Badges are Important:

  • It brings connection between the employee and the customer.

After the first visit the name badge births a relationship between these two individuals. The two now become more familiar with each other and it helps to simply prime a relationship that you actually want. To see that the person actually has a name! Makes the worker more human-like. It also breaks the ice right there, because asking for a name can be nerve wracking sometimes for some when wanting to know.

  • Another opportunity to expose the brand.

You want that logo to stand out in a customer’s mind. With a friendly face and a professional attire, this helps the brand to stand out the more. It’s something you can’t put a price on and it helps bring awareness to your companies branding strategies.

  • Helps employee to feel professional and therefore be professional.

If an employee doesn’t feel professional, good chance he won’t be. When seeing the badge on along with the companies uniform, it helps to feel like someone of importance.

  • Shows position of each worker.

When a problem arises it shows who can handle the problem. It also shows authority to whom ever it is given. Therefore no overreach happens, and if it does, they can be called out. Simply due to the badge.

  • After many visits it helps the customer to remember the employee’s name.

Soon something beautiful happens. The two people become friends and now a lasting relationship is born. Whenever the customer comes back, they want feel embarrassed when not remembering. No one has to know. Because no one will. The name badge keeps everything cool and relaxing.

  • It brings accountability. Now you know who did it.

When you have 5 bald headed people working for you it’s hard to know which “bald headed man” did it. Or even “the young man”. Once the name badges go on, the employee understands he can’t get away with a lot anymore. Because everyone knows his name. It’s easy to hide among 20 people, unless of course he’s wearing the name badge.

  • Easy with tracking.

After much data collecting (based on the customer) you can soon figure out who’s doing the best/worst. With online reviews down to complaint card, you can figure out who’s really doing his/her job. Now the employee has opportunity to really show out and impress those around. Sure he had a name before the name badge, but now when someone wants to brag they can easily see the badge and mention it to the manager or online with the reviews.

  • Looks very professional.

If anything it shows how much you care for the customer. It’s the small things that wrack up in the end. Among many other things, the name badge is surely to impress the customer. And that could mean a lifetime customer if that appreciation is felt.


For the money, the name badge is worth every penny. It last usually longer than the employee and shows how far you’re willing to go and help the customer love your business.

Names are important and helps bring warmth to the business atmosphere. That’s why it’s important to consider the employee and how you can invest into relationship building.

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