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Top 10 retirement plaques

Top 10 Stunning Retirement Plaques

Post Date: June 06, 2019

So, your employee has reached retirement age- what now?

They’re looking forward to days filled with doing what they want without asking for off time and doing it at their own pace.
But sometimes, they can’t help but wonder- what did they get out of all those hours and years working? A simple piece of paper, known as a certificate, or maybe a little retirement party if they’re fortunate enough? The certificate could get thrown in the trash easily, and a party can be forgotten.
So what is something tangible that you as the employer could present to them to display appreciation before they enter into retirement?

A plaque, of course!

Retirement plaques can hang on the wall, prop up on a shelf, or put in an easel on a desk. Some of the plaques we offer are traditional, while some others are modern and sleek. One thing we can ensure, though, is that you as an employer will be proud of the plaque you present to your loyal employee.
Disclaimer: while we offer many products that can serve promotional purposes and recognize retirees, in this particular post we will be focusing on retirement plaques.

Walnut Retirement Plaque with Cast Columns and Ivy Leaves

Is your employee conventional and orthodox? This would be the perfect plaque for them.
With this plaque hanging on the wall, all the achievements connected to the company will be a pleasant memory
The detailed cast plate and the traditional wood plaque gives it an elegant yet practical character.
The size in the one pictured above is 14 inches wide and 17 inches tall.  

Black Plate Piano Finish Retirement Plaque

Want a traditional wood color with a contemporary sleek and polished finish? This plaque is for your company!
This plate is unique because it
is engraved instead of sublimated. It also has rounded edges and simplistic borders. It will be perfect for a unique retiree!
We will engrave your logo, the receiver’s name, and your heartfelt message on the plate.
The plaque is 9 inches wide and 12 inches tall. 

Walnut Retirement Plaque with Black Center Plate

Our walnut plaque is sure to not disappoint. Sturdy and fool-proof, it should last decades with proper care.
The plate is black, and has textured borders, as well as gold trim.
The pictured retirement plaque is 7 inches wide and 9 inches tall.

Solid American Walnut Retirement Plaque with Gold Trims

Ornate but simple, this plaque is complicatedly beautiful.
It displays a flowery gold accent top and bottom of the black brass plate with gold trimmed border.
All text on the plaque will show through the plate as gold.
The plaque pictured above is 9″ x 12″.

Walnut Retirement Plaque w/Black Brass Plate with Gold Border

This is a walnut-stained piano finish plaque! The brass plate features a simplistic yet artistic gold border. It is also very cost efficient.
Lightweight but sturdy, this plaque should last for several years with proper care. It also does not take much space, so should the recipient of the plaque move residences, it can be easily stored.
Any and all text and logos will engrave as gold.
The pictured plaque is 5″ x 7″.

Old West Log Retirement Plaque

Is your employee into the robust country flair? This plaque wood (would) suit them well and dandy!
This is a log plaque that was cut from a real tree, and even has the authentic wood smell.
Eccentric, yet simplistic, our handiwork will satisfy you, your employee, and your wallet.
The log plaque shown above is 9″ in diameter.

Walnut Plaque with Blue Showtime Plate

In the story this plaque tells, the plate is the main actor!
With intricate details like the gold ‘curtains,’ it would look wonderful anywhere they decide to display it.
This particular plaque’s plate is blue, but we have other plate colors such as red, green, and black.
The text will engrave as gold.
The plaque pictured above is 9″ x 12″.

American Walnut Desk Clocks

This desk clock!

While many do not consider this a “plaque,” it really does qualify to be a plaque, with the fact that it has the same purpose and basic features as a regular wall retirement plaque.
Show your retiree that their time at your corporation was not minutes wasted!
This walnut clock features a black brass plate on the right side, and a clock on the left side. The clock has a brass diamond-spun bezel with glass lens and an ivory dial. The brass plate is laser engravable, and adding text is free up to 200 characters- so don’t mince words for cost sake!
The clock pictured above is 12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.

Thank you for taking the time to read our top ten retirement plaques. We hope that you have retained some ideas of what plaque to give your employee in celebration of their retirement. Don’t stop at this list, though- we have countless other plaques on our website that didn’t make the top ten that may suit your needs better! Our goal as a corporation is to help your corporation be a happy and respected place to work, where your employees can feel appreciated.

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