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What Kind of Company Awards Help Build a Positive Work Environment?

Post Date: April 21, 2023

Job unhappiness is at a staggering rate, with 50% of employees feeling stressed at work. Another 22% of employees feel sad when they have to go to work.

When it comes to employees, companies need to prioritize their happiness. One way to do this is with company awards that employees can look forward to.

This helps to create an engaging and positive work environment. This is something that many companies lack, causing employee dissatisfaction.

Keep reading to find out what company awards you should be giving out.

Why Should You Give Out Awards?

You may not understand why company awards are so important. After all, some employers consider a paycheck to be the only award employees need.

The reality is that many people are deeply unsatisfied with their work. They may not be in a career that they enjoy or they may have become burnt out.

No matter what the cause is, a company award can help employees to feel better. This is a way of showing your appreciation for all of the hard work they are doing.

Even though employees are reimbursed for their time, they don’t often feel appreciated. It is human nature to want to feel as though you are seen.

This is something that many companies neglect, leaving employees to feel like a cog in a machine. Any kind of recognition is something that will improve how employees feel.

Here are some examples of when you could give out company awards.

Being on Time

Some employers really struggle to make sure their employees arrive on time. Punctuality is very important since this directly impacts productivity.

This is especially true when it comes to companies that work with teams. You may have teams of employees that have to work together to get their work done.

If one team member is late every day, the rest of the team is going to suffer. This is why it is worth rewarding employees who make it a point to be on time.

You could give out a company award if they are punctual every day of the month. Or you could give awards out to employees who always arrive earlier than they have to.

Not only does this encourage the employee who gets the award, it encourages others. If they see this recognition, they may be motivated to also arrive on time.

Keeping Things Positive

It is also a good idea to give awards out to positive employees. During a long work week, it is very common for tempers to run a bit high.

People may start to squabble with one another or have a short fuse. Even if that isn’t the case, many employees may simply be a bit melancholy or negative throughout the week.

You can award employees who showcase a positive attitude throughout the work week. These employees are highly valuable and help to set the tone for the rest of the company.

You can show them your appreciation by recognizing their efforts. After all, it is very difficult to remain positive throughout a busy work week.

This will help employees to see that nothing they do goes unnoticed. If they try to encourage one another and stay positive, this is something you appreciate.

Going Above and Beyond

Every once in a while, you will get an employee who goes above and beyond. They may exceed your expectations or take on tasks they don’t have to do.

This is a rare and wonderful thing for companies. When it comes to employees, the majority of people simply do the bare minimum.

That is why you should give out company awards to employees who exceed your expectations. This shows them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The reality is that a lot of employees do the bare minimum because they don’t feel appreciated. They feel as though going above and beyond is pointless if management doesn’t recognize it.

Creating a positive environment where work is rewarded will encourage other employees to work harder.

Moving Up the Ladder

Another option is to award employees when they are moving up in the company. They may have gotten a higher position or taken on a larger portion of work.

It is encouraging to the entire workforce when these people are shown appreciation. It makes moving up the ladder that much more desirable for other employees.

This is a great opportunity to reward the employees who have worked the hardest.

Leading the Team

Companies that have teams understand how difficult this can be. Running a team is no easy task when you are working with different personalities.

No matter how hard you try, some people don’t click. This can make it a bit difficult to create a cohesive team that works together well.

It can also be difficult for other team members who may feel like they don’t matter. If you notice an employee or team member helping out the team, this is worth rewarding.

They may have been able to solve a conflict between team members. Or they may have redirected the team to finish a more complex task successfully.

Solving a Problem

No matter what industry you are in, there are always going to be problems. Problems may come up with different jobs, products, or customers.

When this happens, it can drastically affect productivity. Employees may be pulled away from their work or may not be able to focus.

Problems can also start to unravel and create much bigger issues. If an employee was able to solve a problem, this is something you should reward.

You can have a small ceremony and give them a company award for their efforts. This is motivating to everybody and creates a happier environment.

Lending a Hand

It is not uncommon for employees to simply put their heads down and do their work. They may be productive but don’t necessarily go out of their way for anyone.

This is very common, and it’s something that often goes unnoticed. It is rare to find an employee who helps out someone else, even if it isn’t their job.

If you notice an employee doing this, this effort is worth rewarding. They may have helped another employee finish their work if they became bogged down.

Or they may have volunteered to take over somebody’s shift if they couldn’t come to work. These are instances where they are lending a helping hand even if it isn’t required.

This is behavior that you want to promote throughout your company. One way to promote it is to show that this kind of effort is recognized and appreciated by management.

The Best Company Awards

Now that you know when to give out company awards, what awards should you use? This is a common question since you want to give people something they will appreciate.

It can be difficult to come to a decision when there are so many options. You may also have a tight budget that doesn’t allow you to buy anything too luxurious.

The good news is that there are plenty of convenient and affordable options. These awards are suitable for all kinds of companies and perfect for any employee.

Star Awards

One award design sold at Martin Awards is star awards. These awards come in a variety of styles and materials, depending on your budget.

They all have a star design to symbolize exemplary employees. You have options like chrome-plated awards or acrylic star awards.

Some are a combination of metal and wood or acrylic. These are available as stand-up awards or plaques that can be hung.

All of these awards are easily customizable for each employee who receives them. This adds a personal touch that shows your appreciation.

Crystal Awards

If you are looking for an elegant award glass, you have plenty of options. A glass award is a breathtaking option that is beautiful and customizable.

Martin Awards offers a wide variety of glass and crystal awards in a variety of designs. Some of these are specific to different industries, like firefighters and sports.

But there are plenty of award options that are neutral and easy to customize. All of these awards have a statue design and are able to sit comfortably on a desk.

You can choose different engravings to personalize the award even further. There are also other varieties of red and blue glass awards as well.

These make the perfect top sales awards for exemplary employees. Your employees will feel appreciated and seen when given such a beautiful keepsake.

Acrylic Awards

You may want to give an employee a perpetual award on a budget. Glass awards are beautiful but are a little more expensive when it comes to these options.

A more affordable option you can choose is acrylic awards. Some of these award designs are like the glass awards as they have a statue design and are transparent.

But you also have acrylic plaques to choose from if you don’t want a wooden plaque. These are very lightweight and affordable, easy to customize per employee.

There are also marbleized acrylic awards that come with a handy base. These are eye-catching and perfect for decorating a cubicle or desk.


One great option for employee awards is plaques. If you go to Martin Awards, you can find six different varieties of plaques.

These make perfect sales awards, and you have plenty of recognition plaque options. These are simple awards that usually come on a wooden display surface.

Depending on the plaque that you choose, there are usually three different plate colors. There are also different sizes available depending on what your budget is.

These plaques are perfect for any kind of employee award you are giving out. They cannot be hung up on the wall or propped up in somebody’s cubicle.

They can be affordably customized for each award or employee. This will show your appreciation and give the employee something to remind them of their hard work.

Why Is a Positive Work Environment Important?

If you have never given out company awards, you may be wondering why it is important. The main reason is that it creates a positive work environment for everyone.

This is something that a lot of companies end up neglecting as they have other priorities. But creating a positive work environment is vital for employee retention.

Employees are much more likely to stay at a company if they are happy there. They may enjoy their work, or they may enjoy the environment and the people they work with.

Your company will also create a better reputation for itself. If employees are happy, they will recommend your company to other people looking for work.

This will help you to be able to hire new employees when you need them. It is also no secret that a positive work environment helps increase productivity.

People will be able to focus more on their work and will be more motivated to do a good job.

Company Awards: The Best Award Options

If you are considering giving out company awards, there are several options. There is an endless amount of award designs that are perfect for all kinds of situations.

These awards are perfect for boosting company morale and improving the environment. Employees will feel seen and will know that their efforts are recognized.

Are you interested in buying corporate or sales awards? Contact us today at Martin Awards to view our selection.

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