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What Sales Awards Should I Buy?

Post Date: May 18, 2021

Sales Awards are important for many reasons- one being that they will make your employees feel seen and appreciated. Studies have shown that happier employees impact your company in a positive manner. So in short, a happy employee, makes for a happy company, and therefore a happy boss.

Now that you’ve decided to give out sales awards to your top employees- how do you decide what to give them? There are an array of items you could give out. Some people do plaques, others do trophies. In this post, however, we’re going to focus on crystal and glass awards, divided into these three sections; Unique, traditional, and elegant.

Unique Sales Awards

Twisted Body Art Glass Award


The Twisted Body Art Glass Award would be perfect for the artistic soul of your employees. This beautiful piece is full of color, with its midnight blue, ink black, and amber swirls.

Mottled Depth Art Glass award

The Mottled Depth Art Glass award is an excellent piece, with earthy tones and unique shape. Is your employee eccentric? this is the piece for them.

Riptide Art Glass

No need to ‘spiral’ out of control- we’ve got you covered with our Riptide Art Glass! This piece showcases a plethora of colors, ranging from tomato red to olive green. What greater way to show your quirky employee that you appreciate them than with a unique sales award?

Traditional Sales Awards

Diamond Crystal Award


This beautiful piece is simplistic and traditional. For that conventional employee, this Diamond Crystal Award will be ideal.

Rectangular Jade Glass Award


The Rectangular Jade Glass Award is a ‘you get what you see’ type piece- perfect for that straightforward employee that you have that doesn’t care for the frills and fancy.

Self Standing Rectangle with Black Base


Sleek and slim, this piece would be perfect for that minimalistic employee in your department. We engrave directly into the glass, and we can engrave your choice of message.

Obelisk Facet Crystal Award


This crystal award is simple yet classic with its faceted edges. The base serves as a splash of complementary color, as it comes in either black or blue, depending on what you order.

Elegant Sales Awards

Clear Crystal Diamond Award


Simple yet elegant, this Crystal Diamond Award says clearly that ‘less is more.’ For that sophisticated employee, this would be the ideal award.

Clear Crystal Faceted Rising Spire

This faceted rising spire is perfect and stately. From a bit of an eccentric angle, this award would be ideal.

Crystal Cube


This sales award is simplistic but cute. This is a crystal cube and would look absolutely adorable sitting on someone’s desk.

Grecian Dreams Piano Finish Clock


Last, but definitely not least, this sales award is a customizable piano finish clock. This beautiful clock is stately, simplistic, and sophisticated. For that employee that has really made a splash in your company, this sales award would be absolutely recommended.

In Conclusion...

This master list should help you out if you are stumped for suggestions in sales awards. However, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here! Remember, we have certified award specialists on hand at all times, so any question you should be able to be answered, with confidence! Here at Martin Awards, our number one priority is you.

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