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Why Businesses buy crystal awards

Why businesses buy crystal awards

Post Date: April 16, 2021

In this article, we’re going to explain the reasons why businesses buy crystal awards, who you should give them to, and the benefits of doing so. With hundreds of types of awards, it’s good to do your research before purchasing.

In this article, we will be going over the impact a crystal award could have on your company. People believe awards are just for recognition and that there are no benefits outside this.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article, we will go over the benefits of giving crystal awards out and how it could ultimately bring revenue to your company.

Companies & organizations buy crystal awards for different types of positions. Charities are known to buy and present crystal awards for their leaders. So to give you an idea of who to buy these for, we have made a list to give you a good idea.


Businesses & organizations have presented awards to:

  1. Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Pastors
  4. Retiring employees
  5. Sales reps
  6. And anyone you think deserves recognition for their efforts

So it’s not just for employee of the month, like most believe. It can be given to anyone who you believe has made an impact on the company or the organization. Awarding good behavior is important and to many, means more than bonuses or raising the salary. Raising compensation to those who deserve is important also, but many simply want to feel a part of the company and appreciated. It means a lot to employees when management notices the extra effort they put in.

Here are common questions people have about crystal awards…

Questions like:

Why should I buy a crystal award?

Where to buy crystal awards?

Should I get crystal awards for employees?

Which is better: Acrylic or Crystal?

Why should I buy a crystal award?

Many people buy the crystal award because of how it looks. With sleek features, the glassy see-through appearance, how it feels when you hold it, and the way it makes someone feel when receiving it. It beats the cheap plaques and trophies people get every year. They really show how much you appreciate the person receiving this.

This award also gives your company an opportunity to be in the newspaper and in the press. It in itself is worth giving the crystal award for.

Why? You’re gaining press, it shows you’re treating your team well, and brings authority to your brand. Anytime you get press from the media, it increases the authority and trust. These two ingredients are what is responsible for higher conversion rates.

Another reason people buy crystal awards is because it breeds culture. It shows the team how much you care for them. It also encourages them to go the extra mile. It shows that you are watching and waiting to reward those who put extra effort in.

Where to buy crystal awards?

There are many places to buy these, but if you’re looking for the highest quality, start your search here with us:

You should consider using Martin Awards and here’s why…

“Martin Awards is America’s best choice manufacturer and supplier of awards for corporate businesses. Founded by Dino Martin in 1993, Martin Awards started as a single storefront operation and has expanded to our current facility in Swainsboro, Georgia. We have always serviced customers with the finest quality awards and the very best hospitable customer service. Whether ordering Martin Awards products through our catalog, website or working with one of our Award specialists over the phone, Martin guarantees the very best user experience, customer service and selection for your business.”

Should I get crystal awards for employees?

That depends on your goals. If you’re looking for press or if you’re looking for a stronger team, it’s definitely worth the money. There are other types of awards you can try, such as plaques, trophy cups, and acrylic. See below for a list of ideas.

Corporate Awards

Award Plaques

Glass Awards

Employee of the Month Awards

Here are a list of reasons why people buy crystal awards:

  1. Strengthen the team
  2. Increase sales
  3. Gain press coverage
  4. Attract team players
  5. Show the world how you feel about a customer, leader, or employee

If any of these match your criteria, it’s a good time to order one.

Which is better: Acrylic or a Crystal award?

Both of these award types will make a special day for someone; however, there are very distinct features between the two.

Regarding weight, crystal is heavier and gives it a more quality feel. Some may associate weight with quality, like they do other things. When you feel a heavy glass cup, you associate that feeling with quality compared to a lightweight plastic cup.

Acrylic is made of softer material and therefore easier to scratch, however, isn’t a deal-breaker. You must be more careful when handling this piece.

Regarding breakability, if you drop a crystal piece on the ground, it is more likely to break. It’s just like dropping a glass cup: it will break into many pieces due to the material.

Regarding light diffraction, the crystal award does the best. When light hits, it glitters and reflects the light very nicely (definitely on camera). As for the acrylic there is no light diffraction at all.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but many have fallen in love with the look of the crystal awards.

I hope this helps you in your quest to purchasing your next crystal award!

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